Team Packets

The team packets will be available in the hospitality room for each team to pick up upon their arrival to the 2017 world Series. The Hospitality room in the Hilton hotel is the Sapidilla room. Upon entering the Hilton hotel, it is located to the right of the front door.
In addition to the actual team packets you will receive, the information found on this page will be all that you will find in the packets.
As the 2017 World Series gets closer, this page will be updated.
Download the Microsoft Word version of the 2017 World Series Schedule.
Ask any questions regarding the 2017 World Series.

Village Park Soccer Complex Map

View and download the Village Park Soccer Complex map, location of the 2017 World Series tournament.

Hilton Hotel TV channel Guide

Read and download the Hilton West Palm Beach TV channel Guide.

Restaurants Near The Hilton Host Hotel

Read and call the restaurants near the Hilton host hotel.


Cityplace, located directly across the street from the Hilton host hotel.
Visit on the web the West Palm Beach Mall, Cityplace, shopping, entertaimnet and dining for all.

Free Rides In West Palm Beach

View the different options for free rides available while visiting West Palm Beach.

Transportation from Ft. Lauderdale

If you booked your flight to arrive in Ft. Lauderdale instead of West Palm Beach, you travel by high speed train to WPM . Train service from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach.

Rental Vehicles

Carls Vans:
A rental agency primarily focused on renting vans, has a limited supply of cars and several smaller size vans. A link to the rate sheet is below for your use. If you would like to book a van for your team, please contact directly:
Jeanine Libby
Call Jeanine Libby at 407.855.3434
E-Mail Jeanine Libby directly at
Download the Carls Vans Rental Rate Sheet.

Shipping Your Team Equipment to the Host Hotel

If you are staying at the host hotel, Hilton west Palm Beach, and would like to ship your equipment in advance of your team’s arrival, you will need to fill out a shipping request form. Download the Hilton WPM Shipping Request Form.
Questions regarding the shipping form, contact Stephen Guerra at

Banquet Tickets

Each team will be given 20 banquet tickets in their team packets. If you require additional tickets, they must be purchased directly from the Palm Beach Sports Commission at $40 per person. Tickets must be purchased by Sunday, July 23, 2017, and will NOT be available after that date. Additionally, tickets can only be purchased through the below link; physical tickets will not be available for sale at any time. A colored wrist band will be given out for those 20 members of a team who will be eating and to any additional tickets purchased for eating. The wrist bands for eating will be one color and those who want to attend the awards ceremony will be given a different colored wrist band.
When navigating to the below link, you will be taken to the NBBA Awards Dinner Banquet Page; press enter or click on the "Register for this Event” and follow the instructions. Purchase your additional NBBA Awards Banquet tickets.

Documents Regarding Voting at the 2017 World Series

Read all the Bylaw and rule Proposals that will appear on the Ballot during the Voting at the 2017 World Series.
View the Sample Voting Ballot for the 2017 World Series.

ParaTransit in West Palm Beach, florida

Call to determine Eligibility for ParaTransit Services, 561.649.9868, choose Option 4
Call Toll-free for questions regarding eligibility, 877.870.9849
Fax your eligibility documents to 561.656.7156
Contact Larry McDowell with the Braille Club of Palm Beach County at