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National Beep Baseball Association, Rules of the Game

The online rules are currently being updated to match the official version. If you want to read the official rules, please use the link below to download a .pdf file containing the official version. Once the online rules are in line they will be available again.

Current NBBA Rules

Click here to download the .pdf edition of the 2016 NBBA rules, updated as of April 4, 2016
Click here to download the Microsoft Word edition of the 2016 NBBA rules, updated as of April 4 2016

Proposing a rule Change:

The President shall appoint a Rules Committee which shall make recommendations of new or modified NBBA rules to the membership as a whole at the annual meeting. Rule changes require a simple majority vote of the membership present and in good standing at the annual meeting. All voting members in good standing may make suggested rule changes or modifications to the Rules Committee if submitted in writing to the Chair of said Committee forty-five (45) days prior to the annual meeting.
As seen in the NBBA Bylaws
Chair of the Rules Committee, Jerry Windell, Indianapolis, Indiana

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