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Welcome to the 2018 registration page for teams and individuals for the National Beep Baseball Association

The National Beep Baseball Association is comprised of both Affiliate Teams and individual members.

In order to participate in the annual Beep Baseball World Series, several steps must be completed.
On this page you will be able to:

The National Beep Baseball Association is a 501(C)3 organization. The NBBA is a membership organization and does collect a team, individual and World Series registration fee. Payment of these fees can be submitted electronically or by sending a check or money order.

Step 1, registering your team with the NBBA

At the beginning of each year/season, in order to participate as a Team with the NBBA at the Beep Baseball World Series, a team must register their name with the NBBA no later then March 1. Registering your team name, requires that names of two individuals who will serve as liaisons or team contacts must be provided in addition to a $25 team name fee which can be paid electronically or by submitting a check or money order.
In order to complete the team name requirements and submit the names and info of those who will be the team contacts, provide the below information by email:

  • Full name
  • Full street Address
  • City, State, Zip/postal Code
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail Address
Send two team contacts info to the NBBA Secretary, Stephen Guerra, no later then March 1 with your $25 Fee
***Please note: that the date in which your E-Mail is submitted and received, since it is done electronically, will serve as the date you submitted your info. this must be completed and done no later then 11:59 PM Eastern time, March 1. submissions received after that will result in a late fee, if you are a returning team, or a team who has participated in this process before. if you are a new team, please consult with the The NBBA secretary, Stephen Guerra
or 507.208.8383

NBBA Registration Fees

If you are going to pay by check or money order, make all financial instruments payable to:
NBBA: National Beep Baseball Association

1400 Patriot Blvd, #290 | glenview, Il 60025

If you would like to pay electronically with a credit/debit card or via a PayPal account, Choose from the below choices.


If you have any questions or problems please contact the The NBBA Secretary, Stephen Guerra at

Important dates in the NBBA Calendar

  • Wednesday, March 1: Team name and team representatives contact information submission
  • Thursday, June 1: Team rosters + $20 per person on the rosters
  • Saturday, July 1: World Series registration fee and additional roster ad-ons/changes

***Please Note***
If a payment is being made with the use of a check or money order, and the date that the payment must be received on is over a weekend, the payment must be post-dated on the Friday before the due date.
If you need clarification or have questions regarding this, contact Stephen Guerra Secretary,

Any team registration submitted any time after March 1st, will need to include an additional $50; which is the late registration fee.

***Please Note:***
All teams who submit the $25.00 team fee, will automatically be entered in to the Nubson Grant lottery each year.

NBBA individual and Roster Membership

NBBA Individual and Team membership, have a specific deadline, June 1st. A team roster and a $20 per person Dues fee is due by June 1. Any membership fees received after June 1, (Midnight, June 2) will be considered late and the cost then becomes $40 per person.

The following schedule should be known to all Team Contacts and/or those responsible for submitting any payment for a team/individual:

  • June 1: $20 membership dues fee
  • Any time after June 1, $40 membership dues fee (Late payment)

Note: Membership covers the following categories:

  • Players
  • Pitchers
  • Catchers
  • Field Spotters
  • Team Scorekeepers
  • Team Volunteers
  • Unaffiliated individuals, not part of a team, wanting to join the NBBA

***Please note:***
All NBBA Officials are exempt from the membership fees.

If you are interested or know of someone who is interested in becoming an official NBBA Umpire or Scorekeeper, please contact: The NBBA Tournament Committee,

The following should be checked off when as a knew team, if your attending the NBBA World Series for the first time or if you have a player joining your team for the first time:

  • Parental Waiver for all minors or those under the age of 18, on your team
  • Membership dues and World Series Entry Fee made payable to the NBBA
  • NBBA Membership Roster
  • NBBA Roster and World Series Entry Fee

Late Roster Additions

Any team can make two changes to their roster after the July 1st deadline. These two changes must be submitted to the NBBA Secretary in advance of the NBBA World series General Assembly Meeting.
If the player, pitcher, catcher, or spotter has been registered by a team, then the team the player is registered with must submit a signed release form, releasing the obligation of that individual from said team.
All other aspects of registration still apply.
All minors must submit a Parental Waiver form.
If the membership fee has not yet been paid after June 1, the individual or the team or added member is also responsible for the $40 membership fee.
A roster is not finalized/qualified until which time the corresponding fees have been submitted for each of the individuals on said roster.
All rosters, corresponding forms and fees must be received by the NBBA Secretary in advance prior to the start of the NBBA World Series General Assembly meeting.

Click here to download and save the Member Release Form (Microsoft Word format)

The NBBA does not require a team attending the Beep Baseball World series to join the Amateur Softball Association, as the NBBA takes insurance out for each World series for the tournament. If you choose to register with ASA, and obtain team insurance, this is entirely at your own cost and your teams own decision.

Parental Waiver Form

The Parental Waiver was created/developed to make sure that all parents understand the risks of playing beep baseball before having their child compete in a NBBA World Series.
Any person under the age of 18 must have this waiver signed and submitted before playing in the NBBA World Series.

This form must be turned in no later then July 1 with the world series Registration fee and final roster. If the individual is joining as a late roster edition, the Parental form must be provided upon receipt of the membership dues. This must be done prior to the day of the General Assembly. If not received and all above information processed by the NBBA Secretary, the individual will not be permitted to take part in the World series. This is for the benefit of the individual, Parent, and team in which the individual will be playing on.

Click here to download or save the Parental Waiver Form (Microsoft Word format)
Questions or clarifications, contact the NBBA Secretary, Stephen Guerra at 507.208.8383

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