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Telecom Pioneers

The NBBA would like to thank Charles Fairbanks and his the technological know how on his amazing creation in 1964. Without the invention of the beep baseball, the game as we know it and the NBBA would never be what it is today. Now, America's favorite pastime is possible for all visually impaired and totally blind athletes. The Pioneers fit a regulation 16-inch softball and equip it with a specially designed rechargeable beeping device sturdy enough for plenty of crack-of-the-bat action.

The Telecom Pioneers are a large network of civic minded volunteers from the Telecommunications industry. In addition to the innovations the Pioneers have made to equipment that our sport uses, they have dedicated countless hours in helping the NBBA prosper and grow.

The beep baseball is currently manufactured by the Qwest Pioneers. For more information on the beep baseball you may visit the Equipment Section of or contact Cindy Barnes Pharr via email at: or by phone at:
(480) 768-4342

For more information about the Telecom Pioneers visit their Home Page