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Pictures and Multimedia

Below are links that will take you to web sites that have articles relating to Beep Baseball and people that play Beep Baseball. If you have any links to sites that are not listed here, please send news stories and information via email to:
The NBBA Webmaster

Beep Baseball in the News


For the Chicago Comets, Blindness Is No Impediment, September 8, 2011
St. Louis Society for the Blind holding an event in Shaw Park, September 17, 2011, offering Beep Baseball
Michael finn, Novato Gym owner plays Beep Baseball
What are the ABC's of Country's Midnight Express, August 25, 2011

Listen to Serotalk Tech Chat 96, Beep Baseball 2011 season and World series
The NBBA would like to extend its thanks to Serotalk and Serotek for hosting Eric Mazariegos, Kevin Barrett and Stephen Guerra to preview the 2011 Beep Baseball season and World Series.
Click here to listen to the 57 minute podcast and learn all you need to know!


Wall Street Journal, Tuesday August 18, 2009, In Beep Ball, Umpires Aren't Blind, But the Players Are
Video from Article in the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, August 18, 2009, In Beep Ball, Umpires Aren't Blind, But the Players Are

On June 27, 2009, the Cleveland Scrappers and RHI Indy Thunder took part in a beep baseball demo in coordination with the Kentucky Association for Blind athletes, held in Louisville Kentucky. The game was competitive and the hope was to bring the knowledge of this wonderful sport to the area to start up a team and in the future a tournament.
The Courier Journal wrote a wonderful article and took great photos which are available to view below.
Beep baseball for visually impaired aims to field local teams, Louisville, Kentucky, Courier Journal Cover Story, July 8, 2009
June 27, Photo Gallery from the Louisville Kentucky, Courier Journal Cover story
check out Fred's Head Companion Blog, all about beep Baseball
courage Center Names its 2008 Award Winner, NBBA's own James Mastro
RHI Indy Thunder to demo at Indianapolis Indians game
Houston Chronicle, Houston Texas, July 28, 2008
Post Bulletin, Rochester Minnesota, July 30, 2008, North Carolina, July 26, 2008, North Carolina Beep Baseball League, July 27, 2008
The High Point Enterprise, North Carolina, July 23, 2008

Beep Baseball on

The following links are to videos found on relating to Beep Baseball. If you have a link to a video that you would like shown here, please send them to:
The NBBA Webmaster

Beep Baseball Videos
camp tuhsmeheta
Telemundo Video on Beep Baseball
Adaptive Sports Georgia
LOIF-Walk for Sight Field of Beeps, Long Island Bombers
Boston Renegades vs. Pennsylvania Wolfpack Wbt keith larson plays (tries to play) Beep Ball

2008 World Series photos By John Lykowski jr.

Nick Lopez of The Chicago Comets
The Rookie umpire Jim Wolfe
Rob Weismann of Boston after a close call
The Boston Renegades
Rob Weismann of Boston after a close call
Stockton running

2007 World Series photos By John Lykowski jr.

The Ring
Stockton Stingrays 2007
Minnesota Twins Demonstration
Smolka talking to Twins Eric Curry
NBBA demo at the Metrodome
Mike Russell makes contact
Almost there
Boston Renegades coach Rob Weissman instructs the defense

2006 World Series photos By John Lykowski jr.

Foul ball
Lupe Perez
Jim Mastro
Excited Elexis
Taiwain Homerun
Kevin Burton

2004 World Series photos By John Lykowski Jr.

Champion Taiwan Homerun Team gets trophy
Austin & Taiwanese teams posing for a picture on the field
Bayou City Heat players under a canopy with a few practicing in the background
Boston Renegade left handed batter battery connecting for a hit.
Luis Marquez of the Boston Renegades connecting for a hit.
Umpire Dave Lykowski calls an out while watching a good fielding play
The entire Taiwan Homerun team and assists.
Taiwan and Kansas teams posing with their country's flags
Columbus Vipers making a defensive play
Chicago Comet batter hitting a fly to left field.
Behind the plate with Boston batting against New York
Dan Tracy presents Dave Horne the innaugural Dan Tracy Award.
Dave Lykowski watches the Renegades bat.
Player diving for first base.
FPitcher Fonzie Medrano gets out of the way just in time
Looking down the first base foul line from the outfield.
Jeana Wiegand takes a break.
Umpire John Lykowski calling Jeff Dell there at first base.
Umpire conference between Dave Horne and Dave Lykowski
Kansas All Stars batting.
A pitch coming into the plate (Kansas AllStars)
Picture of the midnight beepball game.
A Cleveland player runs to first while a Kevin Burton fields the ball. (Dave L. ump)
John Parker (Kansas) is in pain after hitting 3rd base.
Austin Blackhawk batter about to hit the ball. Kevin pitching. Most of Austin players on sidelines.
Rocky Mountain Eagles batting with team on sidelines.
Kansas and Taiwan players form a handshake line after game.
Jeana awards Homerun with championship trophy.
Teams line up for opening of the Championship game- presentation of Taiwan flag and anthem.
Taiwan player runs over third base and is awarded a run.
Taiwanese families stay near canopy and flags before game.
Player falls over first base and umpire signals safe.
Taiwanese runner dives into base and scores according to umpire Kenny
Teams line up for opening of the Championship game- presentation of American flag.
Arial view of Championship Game
Columbus Vipers make a defensive play.
World Series of Lobby Golf (Darnell Booker goofing around playing golf in the hotel lobby)
View of entire field and crowd at Championship Game
Player hitting base while player picks up the ball.

WCRS Radio does an outstanding job covering the NBBA World Series event year after year. You can listen to MP3 recordings of their games on WCRS Beep Baseball Page

2002 World Series

Night Game
Comets and Dawgs post game
Championship Lineup Introduction
Benny Meier Scores
Steve Michaels runs
Weigand hits one up the middle
Benny Meier Swings
Bill Young Hits
Taiwan Defense set
Taiwan Hitter swings
Bam Bam and Eric are set
Blake Boudreaux runs
Comets record an out
Comets get set to take the field
Dan Greene Connects
Daryl Minor hits one up the middle
Minor makes a defensive play
Dave Smolka runs
Dan Tracy 2002 head umpire
Dave Smolka Connects
Ernest Cook
Eric is ready
Gilbert Ramos knocks one down
Houston Wins!!!
Hudson cranks one
Joe Smolka is ready for the pitch
Smolka connects
Kebodeaux swings
Boston Renegade's left field defense
Long Island's Braulio Thorne runs to base
Marty Skutnick swings
Medrano wills a pitch

2001 World Series Pictures and Video

Seth Clark connects
Big Frank Facio takes a cut
Doug Biggins scores *Video*
Blake Boudreaux swings
Darnell Booker delivers a pitch
Brian Doris ready to throw
Kevin Burton records and out
Burton retires a Taiwan hitter
Burton takes a swing
Neil McDonald and Eric Mazariegos team up to clinch the World Series *Video*
Chance Crawford swings
Chris Johnson stands in
2001 Columbus Vipers
Danny Fappiano takes a swing
Mazariegos connects in the finals
Mike Finn swings
Glen Permer fouls one off in the finals
John Kebodeaux retires Doug Biggins *Video*
Mariano Reynoso connects
Frank Mathenia looks in
Kevin Sibson looks for a hole
John Parker takes a swing
The Taiwan shortstop hammers one
2001 Taiwan Home Run Team
Rob Weigand makes the play *Video*