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Welcome All New Teams to the NBBA (National Beep Baseball Association)

To all new potential and future beep baseball teams:

Welcome to the NBBA (National Beep Baseball Association) and the exciting world of beep baseball!
The NBBA Outreach Committee is here to assist you in any way in achieving your dream of starting a beep baseball team! We have the following items available for you upon request:

  • Brochures
  • DVD's

The NBBA Outreach Committees #1 goal is to make your first experience with putting together a team quite memorable, and a smooth process.
If you would like assistance, you can reach out to Jamie Sibson, chair of the Outreach committee in getting your team started at:

Jamie Sibson
Outreach Committee Chair, NBBA

First Steps

In the world of beep baseball, the calendar year begins on January 1 of each year. Offten, the World Series is the end of the beep baseball season, but many teams who are able to practice year round will continue to practice if the weather cooperates. Most teams take time off after the World series, but often work toward the next year's plans of attending the World Series. Things that are done during the off season would include but not be limited to:

  • Fund Raise
  • Review the previous season and identify what can be done to strengthen the team for the upcoming year
  • Design an off season training program for the players so they can stay in shape

If you are looking to start a brand new team, read through the following links which will provide you information which will guide you to know all that you need to know for starting a team:

Joining the National Beep Baseball Association

As a first order of business for any team wishing to participate in the NBBA World Series, a team must submit a team name and registration fee of $25 to the NBBA Secretary by March 1 of every year.
Click here to be taken to the Registration page to identify all you must do to become part of the NBBA

When joining the NBBA, each team is enrolled in a Nubson Grant drawing after submitting the $25 registration fee and team name. The lottery enables each team to have the opportunity to receive a grant from the NBBA of $1,000, for their use in obtaining equipment or anything for the team.
Click here to read about the Nubson Grant Program

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact:

Jamie Sibson
Outreach Committee Chair
National Beep Baseball Association

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