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Vol. 16 Issue 3
August 2005

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Newsworthy Items

  • Congratulations to the Taiwan Homerun as our 2005 NBBA World Series Champs! Back-to-back Championships – way to go, guys!

  • Thanks go out to the many volunteers who assisted both Taiwan teams, as well as ALL the volunteers who helped with the World Series.
  • Letters verifying visual impairment will be required for all NEW athletes participating in the 2006 World Series. Contact the NBBA Secretary with any questions.
  • The dates for the 2006 World Series are July 30- August 5, 2005. The meetings will be held on Tuesday, August 1st. Games will begin on Wednesday, August 2nd, and continue thru Friday, August 4th. The Championship games will be held Saturday, August 5th. The tournament will be held in Strongsville, OH (a suburb of Cleveland).
  • 2006 Regional Tournaments –
    Information will be posted, here and on our website, as it becomes available.
  • Nominations – Congratulations to Michael Garrett, Tim Hibner and Christine Delmonico on their elections to the NBBA Board.
    Please submit your nominations (remember the person must be willing to run) for 2006 NBBA Board & Executive Board positions to Wilbert Turner at (216)561-6864 or e-mail Nominations@nbba.org
  • Visit us on the web at: www.NBBA.org
  • Information regarding current or former NBBA members who have passed away may be submitted to DAN GREENE – 1611 S. Aida Ave., Tucson, AZ 85710, OR may be sent online to dan@g-ware.com
  • The 2006 NBBA Spring Board meeting will be held in Strongsville, OH on March 4th. For more info contact the NBBA secretary.

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2005 WS All-Star Teams and Other Awards

2005 NBBA World Series – Houston, Texas

First Place: Taiwan Homerun
Second Place: Kansas All-Stars
Third Place: Chicago Comets 1
Consolation Champions: Bayou City Heat

Spotters Award: Kansas All-Stars: Karen Zamora & Dale Bigger

Pitcher/Catcher Award: Taichung County: Chun-Yu, Lin & Chao-Chien, Chen

George Haws Sportsmanship Award: Cleveland Scrappers

Dan Tracy (Volunteer) Award: Cynthia Friedrich & Teri Karnik

Jim Quinn Award: James Gong

All-Star teams:
MVP Jen-Jang, Chang, Taichung County -- 0.629
Darryl Minor, Bayou City Heat -- 0.611
Doug Biggins, Kansas All-Stars -- 0.596
John Keabadeaux, Bayou City Heat -- 0.595
Eric Mazariegos, Kansas All-Stars -- 0.574
John Parker, Kansas All-Stars -- 0.543

MVP Frank Guerra, Long Island Bombers -- 7.571
Greg Gontaryk, Columbus Vipers -- 6.429
Clint Woodard, Chicago Bluffs -- 6.400
Jeff Dell, Cleveland Scrappers -- 5.833
Bobby Lakey, Bayou City Heat -- 5.5
Jose Martinez, Chicago Comets 2 -- 5.500

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Board Meeting Minutes - Pre-General Assembly

2005 NBBA World Series – Houston, TX
Tuesday, July 26 board meeting

Present: Ed Bradley, Joe Wood, Kevin Barrett, David Smolka, Jeana Weigand, John Lykowski, Kenny Bailey, Sam Jo, Stephen Guerra, Michael Garrett, Tim Hibner, Marty Skutnik, Dan Kelley, Jan Traphagan, Jeff Dell, Wilbert Turner, Jim Wolfe. Terri Smolka via telephone.
Absent: Leonard Williams (in hospital), Roy Trujillo, Kari Biesendorfer.
Guests: Frank Guerra, Christine Delmonico and Cora McKiernan.

Call to order.
Motion to accept 2005 Spring Board Meeting minutes, 2nd, passed.
Treasurer’s report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, passed.
Endowment report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.
COMMITTEE reports:
TOURNAMENT: 2005 and 2006 reports given. Motion to accept as given, 2nd, approved.
Mention of upcoming bid for 2007 from Rochester, MN.

BY-LAWS: Nothing at this time. Policy book to be written by next World Series.

NOMINATING: Three positions up for election. Currently the committee has four (4) nominations to take to General Assembly. Motion to accept report as given, 2nd, passed.

RULES: One rule concerning blindfolds to be taken to General Assembly. Motion to accept report as given, 2nd, passed.

NEW BUSINESS: Ball discussion. Motion to leave the decision regarding the ball issue in the hands of the Executive Board. Wireless bases have been brought for demonstration purposes to Houston. Impromptu equipment committee meeting will occur to look them over.
A set of bases has been donated to the NBBA for a drawing. Motion made that the proceeds from the sales of drawing tickets go to the John Ross Endowment Fund, 2nd, passed. Discussion about price of tickets; decision made to sell 30 tickets for $25.
Telecom Pioneer Lynda Bradley has donated a quilt made from previous World Series t-shirts to the NBBA. Motion to have a yearlong event to sell
Page 2 July 26, 2005 NBBA Board meeting

tickets at $1 each with the drawing to be held in Cleveland, OH at the 2006 Awards Banquet, 2nd, discussion. Amended to add “with proceeds from sales going to the John Ross Endowment Fund”, 2nd, passed. Michael Garrett in charge of project.
Local tournament committee does not have the funds to pay for the banquet. Motion made to have the NBBA fund the banquet up to $7000.00 if needed, with the money coming from the tournament fund, 2nd, discussion, passed (3 opposed).

Announcements: reminder that no prize for the NBBA drawing may be cash due to Texas laws.

Motion to adjourn.

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General Assembly Minutes

2005 NBBA World Series – Houston, TX
July 26, 2005

Call to order.
Introduction of Becky Moshou, Marriott hotel representative.
2004 General Assembly minutes read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.
Membership report given. Motion to accept as given, 2nd, passed
Treasurer’s report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, passed.
Endowment report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, passed.
COMMITTEE reports:
TOURNAMENT: reports given for 2005 (Houston, TX) and 2006 (Cleveland, OH) and mention of bid for 2007 (Rochester, MN) was made. Motion to accept report as given, 2nd, passed.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: DVD promoting beep baseball is now available from David Smolka.
David Smolka, John Lykowski and Jan Traphagan attended Fanfest in Detroit, MI promoting beep baseball.
Presentations have been made at Lions camps and schools in the Chicago, IL area to promote beep baseball to both kids and teens.
Radio interview was done with WRMN in Elgin, IL.

RULES: The issue of cheating by using a blindfold incorrectly continues to be presented to the rules committee. To address this issue the committee motioned a new rule regarding blindfold checks and requests for blindfold changes during games be adopted, 2nd, discussion. Amend to include “the team requesting the blindfold change must provide a clean, dry blindfold”, 2nd, entire rule with amendment passed. NOTE: this rule will not go into affect until the 2006 WS in Cleveland, OH. The complete new rule will be included in the Spring 2006 Newsletter.

BY-LAWS: Nothing to report at this time.

OLD BUSINESS: Motion to rescind the 2003 General Assembly motion allowing for NBBA sanctioning of regional tournaments, 2nd, passed.


NOMINATING: Three board positions are up for election: Tim Hibner, Michael Garrett and Jim Wolfe.
Committee sends the following nominations to the floor for vote: Luis Lopez (Chicago Comets), Michael Garrett (Bayou City Heat), Tim Hibner (OKC Bombers) and Frank Guerra (Long Island Bombers).
Floor nominations: Christine Delmonico – accepted. Nominations closed.
Elected for the three (3) year term are: Michael Garrett, Tim Hibner and Christine Delmonico.

Competition committee announced its Friday “camp” games to assist those teams eliminated from competition wishing to play more and receive help in the areas of hitting, pitching and spotting.
Please bring all unused hotel toiletry items to the hospitality room for an NBBA donation to a local abuse shelter.

Motion to adjourn.

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Board Meeting Minutes - Friday, July 29, 2005

2005 World Series, Houston, Texas
Friday, July 29, Board meeting

Present: Tim Hibner, Kenny Bailey, Sam Chou, Joe Wood, Christy Delmonico, Michael Garrett, Wilbert Turner, Marty Skutnik, Dan Kelley, Jeff Dell, Stephen Guerra, Jan Traphagan, Kevin Barrett, Dave Smolka, Ed Bradley, Jeana Weigand, John Lykoswki, (Terri Smolka via cell phone)
Absent: Leonard Williams (in hospital), Roy Trujillo, and Kari Biesendorfer

Call to order.

BUDGET & FINANCE: Drawing information for Awards Banquet: Freedom Scientific donation worth $1600 provided by Bobby Lakey for the general draw.
Set of bases donated by the Arnold Center ($350 value) will be available in a separate drawing -- $25 for 35 chances. Winner will be drawn at the Awards Banquet.
Telecom Pioneer Lynda Bagley donation of a QUILT made of previous World Series T-shirts will be a yearlong event and the winner will be drawn at the Awards Banquet in Cleveland, OH in 2006. Anyone may participate in selling the tickets. Michael Garrett is in charge of this project.

TOURNAMENT: 2005 report given. Only 12 dead balls at this time. 40-50 balls are in “sad” condition. Over 40 balls are still useable.
Umpire for the Consolation Championship game: Smokey Mather.
Umpire for the Championship game: Kemp Price.
2006 report given for Cleveland, OH.
2007: Tourney committee recommends the NBBA accept the bid from Rochester, MN. Motion to accept, 2nd, discussion, approved.
Permission to discard the unusable piece together tarps in the NBBA’s equipment inventory, motion made, 2nd, approved. There will be 12 “pop-up” canopies and 20 x 5 gallon water coolers added to the NBBA equipment inventory. Motion for Jeana Weigand to buy 12 additional “pop-up” canopies if they are available at a cost of $39.99 each and get them to Cleveland for the 2006 World Series, 2nd, approved. Money to come from the Tournament Fund.

BALL & EQUIPMENT: Inquiry made about the ball cover – some for the 2005 World Series are vinyl and not leather. Tim Hibner will check with the manufacturer on this issue. Continuing to work on finding an additional ball assembly facility.

PROJECTS: Christy Delmonico to serve on this committee. The committee (Garrett, Guerra, Dell & Delmonico plus Paula Hawkins from OKC, OK) will be dividing resources and applying for grants utilizing the other aspects that beepball promotes to broaden the NBBA’s grant writing options.

NEWSLETTER: Motion to print, 2nd, approved. E-mails going well. Hardcopy method still has over a 10% return rate.

PIONEER: No representative present.

UMPIRES: Stress needs to be put on the importance of the evaluations following each game at the World Series. Teams still need to work on this. Will bring a follow-up report to the Fall meeting.

JIM QUINN AWARD: Jeri Orr will present the award to the 2005 winner.

OLD BUSINESS: More DVD’s are available promoting beep baseball and will be in the Banquet room if teams want one.

NEW BUSINESS: Photos of the umpire crew from the Championship games will be given to the Hall of Fame.
Fall Board meeting: Minneapolis, MN bid from Stephen Guerra. Room rate of $89/night. Chicago (Alslip), IL bid from Dave Smolka. Room rate of $82/night. Meeting dates per By-Laws should be November 4-6. Ed Bradley has a conflict with those dates. Discussion. Motion to put the decision in the hands of the Executive Board with an August 15, 2005 deadline for bids.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: T-shirts will be available at the fields. Buses begin leaving for the fields at 7 a.m.

Motion to adjourn. (10:02 p.m.)

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Fall Board Meeting Minutes - October 29, 2005

The Attendance has been amended since the World Series Newsletter.

NBBA Fall Board Meeting
October 29, 2005
Chicago (Alslip), IL

Present: Ed Bradley, Joe Wood, Kevin Barrett, David Smolka, Jeana Weigand, Lenny Williams, Stephen Guerra, Michael Garrett, Tim Hibner, Jan Traphagan, Jeff Dell, Roy Trujillo, Wilbert Turner, Terri Smolka, and Christy Delmonico
Present via web conference: Sam (Shr-Wei Jo) and Dan Kelley
Absent: John Lykowski, Kari Biesendorfer (see Mr. Lee below), Marty Skutnik, and Kenny Bailey
Guests: Marty Lee (Telecom Pioneer President), Nick Lopez (Chicago Comets), John T. Herzog (Chicago Comets), Keith Mead (the Arnold Center and Rotary member) and Janet Leonard.

Call to order.

Minutes from the July 26, 2005 WS meeting read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, approved. Minutes from the July 29, 2005 WS meeting read. Motion to accept as read with the following changes: 1. change base raffle to 30 tickets for $25 and 2. change 20 x 5 gallon water coolers added to NBBA inventory to 19 X 5 gallon water coolers. 2nd, discussion, approved.

Treasurer’s report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion, approved.
John Ross Endowment Fund report read. Motion to accept as read, 2nd, discussion.

Committee Reports:
2005 – Houston, TX – Final report
2006 – Cleveland, OH – update given
2007 – Rochester, MN – update given
Motion to accept report as presented, 2nd, discussion, approved.

2006 budget from committee read. It was decided that the NBBA would continue to only reimburse traveling board members; no local reimbursements will be made at this time.

Six grant applications have been reviewed and will be sent out for January 2006 considerations.
The Telecom Pioneer World Series T-shirt quilt raffle tickets will be available in December 2005. The drawing will be held at the awards ceremony in Cleveland at the 2006 World Series.
The scholarship submission to the IRS is still in process with a goal of an NBBA scholarship to be given in 2006.
The LCIF (Lions Club International Fund) grant process has been called to a halt due to being informed by the Lions that the NBBA does not currently qualify for any of their applications.

Discussion will continue to take place until March about eliminating the grace period after the March 1st team registration deadline.
Clarifications are being made to Article II Section A regarding teams registering to attend the World Series after the July 1st World Series final entry and team roster deadline. Discussion will continue until March.
The committee is working on an addition to Article I (Purpose). This will continue until March.
By the March meeting, the committee plans to have all of these issues resolved and ready for presentation to the board and then to the General Assembly for vote in August.
Motion to accept report as given, 2nd, discussion, approved.

There are approximately 60 current e-mail newsletters and 47 mailed newsletters being sent by the NBBA at this time. The board needs to concentrate on improving attendance for our General Assembly meetings to improve voting representation of our organization.

Adjourn for lunch.
Meeting resumed, 12:30pm

Reports read from the Arnold Center in Midland, MI regarding base production and follow-ups. They have been working on a pilot program for
wireless bases with support from the Cleveland Scrappers, the Lions, the Rotary and the NBBA. It is going well with the only glitch being the estimated cost for purchase of $700-$800 per set of bases.
The Denver facility plans to stop ball production within the next year. Balls are guaranteed for the 2006 World Series only.
Marty Lee, President of the Telecom Pioneers, is pursuing the continuation of ball production by the Pioneers with a New Mexico Chapter. He indicated that the Pioneers would like to refocus and reinforce their partnership with the NBBA and gave great insight on how the NBBA might grow stronger and potentially achieve its goals, both financially and as an organization. The Telecom Pioneer annual meeting will be held in Orlando, FL, February 10-11, 2006. Mr. Lee urged us to participate again. The Pioneers are working on an online store to purchase beep balls. This facility will take care of the payments and shipping.

Working on reestablishing the Jim Quinn Award Committee as the most recent three recipients.

Wilber Turner, Chairman. Terms that expire in 2006 include the entire Executive Board along with Dan Kelley, Jeff Dell, Marty Skutnik, Terri Smolka and Roy Trujillo. Roy Trujillo is not eligible for re-election.

RULES: Leonard Williams now Chairman.
Competition committee – two teams received coaching and technique assistance on Friday during the 2005 World Series in Houston, TX thanks to Jon Walker from Leadville, CO. In 2006, the first 4 teams eliminated from the new tournament format will play each other in games on Friday (no stats will be used from these games for awards purposes).

‘ This is Beep Baseball’ DVD is currently available to anyone interested. Beep baseball brochures are also available. Please contact Dave Smolka to receive these items. The committee will work with the Denver ball production facility and Marty Lee to get the current PR DVD joined with the
DVD showing the Pioneer ball being produced so that we can strengthen our information and promotional purposes for both organizations.
Committee would like the NBBA to consider consulting a PR firm for direction for exposure. Committee would like the website to have a direct link for inquiries to the both the secretary and PR chair. Committee suggests a Telecom Pioneer banner to be displayed at the fields and hotel during the World Series

Working on a “nutshell” info page for registration and fees information. Goal is in place to have an online registration available for Spring 2007 via the website. Will readdress Paypal to attempt to accept credit card donations and fees via the website


The Greater Houston Beep Baseball Association donated $2000.00 to the NBBA to be use for an “officials” fund. This fund will help offset the costs World Series officials incur while attending the World Series.

Meeting turned over to First Vice-President, Kevin Barrett.
In acknowledgement of the NBBA’s 30th World Series Anniversary, Doc Bradley motions to have the NBBA announce/award an “All-time 30 Best Players and 5 Best Pitchers” list at the 2006 World Series in Cleveland, OH; 2nd, discussion.
Criteria to be met and a committee to determine this list were given. Preliminary list to be presented at the March 2006 board meeting. The criteria will be listed on the website and included in the newsletter. Motion passed with 3 opposed.
Committee will consist of: Kevin Barrett, Michael Garrett, Jan Traphagan, John Lykowski and Jeana Weigand. The committee will accept nominations and requests that information regarding the criteria a nominated player/pitcher meets be submitted with the nomination.

Jeana Weigand asked the board to respectfully consider meeting only for the spring board meeting each year and hosting the Fallboard meeting as a teleconference or web conference event. This will allow the board to better utilize what limited resources we currently have for tournament purposes. This issue will be revisited at the Spring 2006 meeting.

Motion to reimburse traveling board members, 2nd, passed.

2006 spring board meeting will be in Strongsville (Cleveland), OH March 3-5.

Independent Aids is considering donating its current top selling product (at the time) as an NBBA raffle drawing prize.

Motion to adjourn.

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Board of Directors Contact Info

Please contact the NBBA Secretary for the contact info included with the standard Newsletter or visit the Board of Directors Page for their e-mails.

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Committee Chairpersons

Nominating: Wilbert Turner
Rules: Lenny Williams
By-Laws: Stephen Guerra
Hall of Fame: Kevin Barrett
Projects: Michael Garrett
Budget & Finance: John Lykowski
Public Relations: David Smolka
Balls & Equipment: Tim Hibner
Membership: Jeana Weigand

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Jim Quinn Award Letter

Dear N.B.B.A. Teams,

The Jim Quinn Award is the highest honor an individual can receive from the National Beep Baseball Association.
It is a delight to bestow this award every year to a deserving
person. A person of long servitude with the N.B.B.A. and a person who has contributed such positive service to the good of our organization is certain to be given this award.

There are always many deserving individuals (players or volunteers) who are involved with Beep Baseball. They have given countless hours to our sport and have enriched our sport with their tireless efforts.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Simply, we need your nominations.
Over the last few years, nominations have dwindled. We know everyone’s time is limited, however, the dedication of so many deserving people in this sport is just as high. After the World Series week is over, we experience the winter months, then all of a sudden we are in the middle practices and we do forget to take time out of our busy schedules to honor our hard working Beep Baseball colleagues. So please seriously consider taking some of your time for some careful thinking and type a one or two page nomination about someone you and/or your teammates know who has gone way beyond and deserves to be recognized by the N.B.B.A. Thanks so much, we are counting on you.

Jan Traphagan and Kevin Barrett
Jim Quinn Award Committee

Please mail your nominations to Kevin Barrett by the end of June.

Kevin Barrett
17715 Susan Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44111

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Equipment List

As of 11/2005, the following is a list of names & addresses for beep baseball equipment:
The NBBA Ball and Equipment Chairman is Tim Hibner.


A full set of bases with electronic components are $465.00 plus $50 for shipping.

Make check payable to: Arnold Center, Inc.

Payment must be made at time of order placement in the form of money order, credit/debit card, personal or business check or authorized Purchase Order. Once the funds are in the Arnold Center account, orders will be shipped. Orders will be filled in the order of the date they are received.

Contact: Greg Knopp
Arnold Center, Inc.
400 Wexford Ave
Midland, Michigan 48640
989 631-9570 x28
989 631-9316 FAX


For Sale: Repair parts and components for audio bases. Mostly electronics, some misc foam and covers.
All orders shipped within 10 business days of receipt of payment.
For prices and availability, contact: Kerry Kuck 303 934-9103 Mountain time


(888) 705-3805
8043 E. 7th St.
Tucson, AZ 85710
Contact for price

Cleveland Sight Center
(216) 791-8118
Crafts for Sale Dept.
1909 E. 101st St.
Cleveland, OH 44106
Contact for price

(Maggie Braddock)
$5 each


Must contact first via phone, US mail or e-mail to get exact amount with shipping included, then SEND PAYMENT WITH ACTUAL ORDER for balls or accessories.

NEW: $30 per ball PLUS shipping and handling.

REPAIRED: $21.00 per ball (will replace entire chamber) PLUS shipping & handling

ACCESSORIES: Charger - $10.00 each PLUS shipping & handling
Eliminator - $3.00 each PLUS shipping & handling
Multiple ball charger – contact for pricing

***NOTE: prices are as of July 2005 and may be subject to change – contact Roy for the most current pricing and shipping information.

Contact info:
F.H. Reid Beep Ball Manufacturing
C/o Roy Trujillo
2020 W. Pine Ridge Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 798-6597
(303) 738-9997 Fax number
e-mail: beepball@earthlink.net

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