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March 2003 NBBA Newsletter

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The dates for the 2003 World Series are July 30-August 2. The meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 29th. Games will begin on Wednesday, July 30th.and continue thru Saturday, Aug. 2nd at the Aurora Sports Center. The Championship games will be held Saturday, Aug. 2nd. The tournament will be held in Denver, CO. The hotel is the Red Lion Inn Denver Central. The room rate is $64/night.

2003 Regional Tournaments - June 7-8 Topeka, KS (contact John Parker) June 14-15 Chicago, IL (contact Dave Smolka) CANCELLED Midwest City, OK July 12-13 Columbus, OH (see application)

Nominations - There are 5 Board positions up for election in 2003. They are: Keith McKinzie, Roy Trujillo, Neal McDonald, Jan Traphagan and Leonard Williams. Both Jan and Lenny are not eligible for re-election. Please submit your nominations (remember the person must be willing to run) to Kevin Barrett at (216) 671-8647 or

The 2004 World Series will be held in Columbus, OH the week of August 1st thru 7th.

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TO: Team Contacts and Players ***NOTE correction from fall newsletter!

From: NBBA Board Per a Board decision, each visually impaired player is required to have a letter of certification of impairment from a qualified source in order to be considered eligible for play in the 2003 World Series in Denver, CO.

This letter of certification must declare the player to be visually impaired as per the Federal government guidelines for this disability.*** Those guidelines are (to be declared legally blind): WITH CORRECTION a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye AND/OR a 20 degree field of vision or less. (See for further clarification.); ***((to be declared visually impaired): WITH CORRECTION a visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye AND/OR a visual field restriction of 30 degrees or less.

The letter must come from a qualified source. A few examples are: an optometrist, ophthalmologist or other eye care specialist; a physician eligible to test vision; a government agency (city, state or federal) that provides vision testing OR disability services AND has a current record of the players impairment. If you or a player have any questions regarding the source they will be using, CONTACT THE NBBA SECRETARY! I will let you know if the source will be acceptable by the NBBA

THE LETTERS MUST BE DATED WITHIN THE LAST 2 YEARS!! Meaning all letters must be dated no earlier than Jan. 2001.

Team contacts must turn in all letters no later than with their final team rosters, which are due by July 1st, 2003. If a player does not have a letter of certification on file with the NBBA secretary by this deadline, they will not be eligible for consideration for play as a visually impaired player. If a player is an "add-on", the letter may be provided to the NBBA secretary at the time the player is added to the team roster.

If you have any questions, please contact the NBBA Secretary at or (614) 442-1444. Thank you.

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Red Lion Inn Hotel has a restaurant, bar& lounge and an 4040 Quebec OUTDOOR swimming pool. It has only 1 Denver, CO washer & dryer (5th floor).

ONE REPRESENTATIVE FROM EACH TEAM ONLY: PLEASE MAKE INITIAL CONTACT WITH CHRIS PARSONS!!!! E-mail: Phone: (303) 329-5207 Give Chris the following information:
1.) Team name
2.) Main Contact Name
3.) Address (main contact/billing address)
4.) Phone #, E-mail, fax
5.) Date of arrival, Date of departure
6.) Means of arrival/departure - expected time of arrival/departure. NOTE: check-in is 3 p.m. check out is 12 noon. If arrive earlier will provide rooms as become available.
7.)# of rooms, room types (smoking pref. /King, double) Any special needs. (Fridges are available for an additional fee per day) Note we have fewer Kings. If requested, it will be given on an as available basis.
8.) Reservation method: Rooming list (due no later than 3 weeks out) or Individual call-in
9.) Payment method (need some form of guarantee of payment, Credit Card etc. if by check, need in hotel 2 weeks prior)
FYI!!!! Within walking distance of the hotel, as of 3/2003, (it is a bit of a trek, but Doc's wife did it with no trouble!) is a Wal-Mart SuperCenter (meaning with a grocery store), a McDonald's, an IHOP, a Buffet style restaurant, and a Sam's Club.


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Click here for the Team Roser World Series Billing Form

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Click here for the Game Team Roster Form

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Click here for the NBBA Scoresheet

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Click here for the NBBA 2003 spring board meeting minutes








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