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Officers: President: Dan Greene, Tucson Arizona
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2nd Vice President: Kevin Barrett, Ohio
Secretary: Stephen Guerra, Rochester, Minnesota
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer: John Lykowski, Glenview, Illinois
Head Umpire: Kenny Bailey, Franklin Furnace, Ohio

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NBBA 2012 World series Roundup

Table of Contents:

Editor's Notebook

NBBA President's Message

NBBA 2012 World Series Awards

Complete Statistics from the NBBA 2012 World Series

NBBA 2012 World series General assembly Minutes

2013, Columbus Georgia: Here we come!

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The NBBA would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all that made the 2012 World Series an overwhelming success. The Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau prepared thoroughly for the event and left no stone unturned. Excitement filled the air with the constant media presence throughout the week, and with the building anticipation as to who was going to be in the finals.

Congratulations to the Taiwan Homerun for an excellent display of athleticism despite all the different climate changes that was seen during the 2012 World Series. An additional note of congratulations is also extended to the Austin Blackhawks and their demonstration also of athleticism during the many games of the week. Both teams displayed poise and Sportsmanship during the finals despite the inclement weather and poor conditions brought on by rain and wind.

As a note, a broadcast of the event was streamed live for all to listen to in Ames and throughout the world. Never has a Beep Baseball game been covered live in all the NBBA's thirty-seven years. The NBBA partnered with KASI, a local Clear Channel Communications station to provide the coverage of two games during the inclement weather. A note of thanks to all who made this possible including Dave Sprau the KASI engineer and announcers John Lykowski and Tim Hibner for continual coverage throughout the very long day.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can download and listen to all 5 parts of the 2012 NBBA World Series Championship games

A note of thanks to the sponsors of the NBBA World Series Championship game:

The ability to listen to the coverage of both games will be made available in late October/early November. Stay tuned to the for more details.

Upcoming Events:
The NBBA will be taking part during the days of October 24 through28th, 2012, at the National Industries for the Blind national Convention.
NBBA Press Release

On October 27, the Austin Blackhawks will be taking on the Bayou City Heat in a Beep Baseball thriller, for Disability Awareness at the University of Texas. For more information: Click here!

Once again we come to the end of another successful NBBA World Series. As I think back over the last year, and especially over the week of our 2012 tournament, I continue to be amazed by the heart and dedication of all the extraordinary people that make this tournament happen year after year.

From the tournament organizers to the field officials, the hotel staff to the concession staff, the bus drivers to the doggy daycare folks, but especially to you, the teams and members of the NBBA, you have shown yet another city what Beep Baseball is all about, and why the people involved with this sport are so special. I thank you.

In reviewing the tournament, of course there were issues. In any undertaking of this size there always will be. But, from the heat on Tuesday and Wednesday to the rain on Saturday, the injuries (some sadly quite major in nature) to any game related issues, you pulled together, as always, and we were able to complete another successful event. NBBA World Series thirty-seven is in the books, who would have thought we’d have come this far, and still looking forward.

As always, I would like to thank the NBBA tournament committee for all its work prior to, and during, the 2012 tournament in Ames, Iowa. I would also like to personally thank Seann DeMaris and the entire staff of the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau for showing what is truly meant by Iowa hospitality. The Lions Clubs of Iowa, the families that “adopted” some of the teams in Ames, the staff at the Gateway, and other local hotels, and to all the other volunteers, our sincerest thanks to all of you. We will long remember the amazing week we spent in Ames Iowa, and perhaps sometime in the future we can return to the Iowa fields once again.

Now it is time to let our injuries heal, replenish our team bank accounts, go looking for that next all-star player, and set our sights on next year. My heart goes out to anyone who suffered any serious injury during 2012, and I hope that everything goes well for everyone during the off-season. I look forward to seeing all of you out on the field next year in Columbus Georgia.

Have a great winter, and never stop dreaming.

Dan Greene
President N. B. B. A

Final Standings

World Series Awards

Offensive MVP:
The figure represents the batting average.

Defensive MVP:
The below figure represents the average amount of putouts per game

Team Awards
Sportsmanship award:
Wichita Sonics

Pitcher, Catcher award:
Taiwan Homerun: Leo Lin (strike out percentage of 10.04%)

Field Spotter award:
Taiwan Home run (fielded 58.70%)

High Honor Awards
Dan Tracy Award: John Lykowski Junior

Jim Quinn Award winner: David Smolka

Date: July 23, 2012

President Dan Greene called the 2012 Beep Baseball World Series General Assembly Meeting to order at: 1:32 PM CST

President Dan Greene welcomes all to Ames Iowa
Invocation given by: John Lykowski
Pledge to the flag: Led by Dan Greene

President Dan Greene welcomes and introduces Italian delegation from AIBXC, (Italian Blind Baseball league) to the NBBA

Reading of Minutes from the 2011 World Series:
Secretary, Stephen Guerra
Motion: To accept as delivered and read, the minutes from the 2011 World Series

Treasurers report:
John Lykowski

Annual review:

Starting balance as of August 1, 2011: $57.760 (Approximate figure)

Income received:
Donations: $9,290
World Series Entry fees: $4,960
Team registration and membership fees: $4,280
World Series Bid fee: $3,500
Drawing receipts: $300
Nubson Grant: $10,000
2011 World Series Returned funds: $550
NBBA Patches sold: $140
Good Search: $10

Total income received: $33,030

Nubson Distribution: $3,000
Reimbursement of Board: $2,000
Official's Per Diem: $3,750
Official’s Hotel Sharing: $2,980
Beep Balls and charger, 2011/2012: $9,400
Banquet Shared cost: $6,400
Equipment Transportation: $620
Taiwanese Expenses and Lodging: $4,900
Lions Club Convention: $1,400
CFO Transportation: $700
Spring Board Meeting: $120
Printing: $120
Awards and Engraving: $820
World Series Supplies: $320
GLASA Donation: $500
NBBA Telephone Conference Calls: $120
Postage/Shipping: $190
Filament Tape (Bat Taping): $50
Annual registration for South Dakota State agent (articles of Incorporation): $60

Total amount disbursed: $37,440

Total Ending balance, as of July 1, 2012: $53,350 (Approximate figure)

The NBBA Board has accepted a proposal for John Lykowski to assume and take on the role of Chief Financial Officer for the NBBA. This role’s primary responsibility will be to fund-raise for the NBBA. This proposal was accepted unanimously during the Spring Board meeting.

Tournament report:
1st VP, Jan Traphagan

2012 World Series review:

Introduction of Seann Demaris from Ames Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau
Seann welcomed everyone to Ames and indicated lots of planning went in to this year and hoped everyone has a good week.

Jan reviewed information that should be known for the week.

Hotel: Buses will leave each day unless otherwise specified, at 7:00 and 7:45 AM from in front of the Gateway.
The Bus will also make a pickup at 7:15 from the Days Inn.
Braille menus are available for area restaurants from the information table found in the lobby. Also, the Gateway Hotel has braille menus in their restaurant.

Also at the information table in the lobby, you will find an array of different information to guide you through the week about Ames, maps of the area, etc.

If anyone will need to go to the fields or come back from the fields, depending if they are at the Gateway, they should go to the Info table and request a ride. If they are at the fields, they can come to the Headquarters tent.

Doggie Daycare will start at 8:00 AM each day, and will not run on Saturday. Please relieve your dog prior to coming to Doggie Day Care.
Jan introduced Lauren Ross from Guide Dogs and gave thanks and remarks about Doggie Daycare.

Portable bathrooms will be on site, cleaned daily but not during games.
There will be four in the middle of the complex and two at either end.

Concession s will be operated by Hy-Vee foods, and will operate each day starting at 8:30 AM and on the Championship day, at 9:30AM.

T-shirts, Hats and towels are available in the hospitality room and at the fields for sale.

The Gateway Hotel has the hospitality room where you can relax, visit with friends, and play audio darts.
The Audio Darts will begin on Tuesday.

Power Show Down will be available in Conference Room 2, near the elevators.

Jan read letter from Cora McKiernan of Scottsdale, Arizona about those who have attended all the World Series. She also shared that she regrets not being able to attend this year. It is only the second time since 1976 she has missed attending.

2013: Columbus, Georgia
Introduction of Mary Sherman from the Columbus Georgia Sports Council.
Reviewed that all is moving forward for the 2013 World Series during the week of July 28 through August 4, 2013.

Jan introduced Judy Byrd,
Beep Kickball is alive and taking part in 25 camps across the United States.
Demonstration to be held on Wednesday night behind Gateway, starting at 5:30 PM

The World Series is to be held in Rochester, Minnesota.

Public Relations, Projects Committee and Hall of Fame:
2nd Vice President: Kevin Barrett

Public Relations:
Articles in the Indiana and Iowa Lions News magazine, April 2012, about Beep Baseball and the NBBA.
Also article in Lions Club International magazine in June 2012 edition.

News articles in local media thanks to Shawn Ungs, Seann Demaris and Steve for work on this.

Press credentials issued from the Communications group of the Ames CVB for the 2012 World Series.

For the first time ever, the Beep baseball Championship game will be streamed live locally and worldwide on 1430 KASI radio.

NBBA Outreach:
Directed request for person wanting to start a beep baseball team in Georgia to Judy Byrd.
Dave and Terry Smolka worked with an Illinois Lions youth camp in May to provide instruction about Beep Baseball.

Wichita Sonics represented the NBBA at the 2012 All Star Fan Fest in Kansas City.
Steps are being taken to make arrangements for the Long Island Bombers to represent the NBBA at the 2013 All Star Fan Fest at City Field in New York.

If any team is doing outreach in their area, please notify me so recognition can be made of our member teams.

Thanks to the help of Janet Leonard, Ken Bailey and Jeana Weigand for completing the list of Dan Tracy award winners and furnishing that info to the web team for placement on the NBBA site.

The NBBA policy handbook is set for publication. Information regarding the Nubson award and Chief Financial Officer will be inserted and printing and electronic archival of the handbook will be completed.

Hall of Fame and Jim Quinn Award:
The Hall of Fame has no new nominees for induction this year.

The Jim Quinn Award is set for the banquet and I am sure everyone will be delighted as to the 2012 recipient.

Information regarding the history of the NBBA in its early years is available from

Equipment report:
Chair, Wayne Sibson

New Mexico will no longer be making beep balls. All balls will be made in Denver to insure quality assurance.

Membership Report:
Secretary, Stephen Guerra
Membership comprised of 365 members, 17 teams attending the 2012 World Series and 24 teams registered for the 2012 Season.
Introduction of all 24 teams, including new teams from Augusta, Georgia, Iowa and Spokane, Washington.

Introduction of Gateway Hotel General Manager, Mr. Greg Peterson.
He thanked all who are staying at the Gateway, and gave best wishes for the week.

Web site Report:
Dan Greene

Had issues relating to the web site being hacked and redirected to a site in Russia, but all is operational and working in order.
Please notify the web team with any corrections that needs to be made or updates.

Rules Report:
Janet Leonard
No rules have come out of committee to the membership for consideration.

Bylaws Report:
David Smolka
No Bylaws for review for the membership

Nominations Report:
Darnell Booker

The Nominations committee met this morning and is bringing forward the following slate:

Board of Directors:
4 positions are available, all three year terms.

Currently nominated:


For the Office of President:
Three requests made to the floor with no response.
Motion to close nominations.
For the record, casting one ballot in the name of Dan Greene as President of the NBBA.

For the Office of 1st Vice President:
Three requests made to the floor with no response.
Motion was made to close nominations.
For the record, casting One ballot for Jan Traphagan as 1st VP of the NBBA.

For the Office of 2nd Vice President:
Three requests made to the floor with no response.
Motion to close nominations.
For the record casting one ballot in the name of Kevin Barrett as 2nd VP of the NBBA.

For the office of secretary:
Three Requests to the floor with no response.
Motion to close nominations.
For the record, casting one ballot in the name of Stephen Guerra as Secretary of the NBBA.

For the positions on the Board of Directors:
Currently nominations in the record for:
Darnell Booker, Merri Taylor, Giovanni Francese and Frank Guerra.

Nominations from the membership floor are now open.

David Smolka nominates Tim Hibner
Nominee accepts
Sherlock Washington will speak on behalf of Tim Hibner

Jason Dobbs Nominates Brian Christian
Nominee accepts.
James Michaels will speak on behalf of Brian Christian

John Lombardo nominates Eddie Brown
Nominee accepts
Ron Brown will speak on behalf of Ed Brown

Motion to close nominations

Please note: as a matter of order, Darnell Booker who is NBBA Nomination chair, removes himself from conducting the election process and it is turned over to Secretary Stephen Guerra as Membership Chair.

John Patterson will speak on behalf of Frank Guerra
Sherlock Washington on behalf of Tim Hibner
James Michaels will speak on behalf of Brian Christian
John T. Herzog will speak on behalf of Giovanni Francese
Ron Brown will speak on behalf of Ed Brown
Jan Traphagan will speak on behalf of Merri Taylor
Paul Howard will speak on behalf of Darnell Booker

Election of Directors:
Total votes received during process, top four vote getters are elected to the Board of Directors.

Tim Hibner: 112 votes
Giovanni Francese: 103 votes
Darnell Booker: 99 votes
Merri Taylor: 90 votes>
Ed Brown: 66 votes
Brian Christian: 44 votes
Frank Guerra: 30 votes

Unfinished business:
Giovanni Francese speaks about midnight game during 2011 World Series.
Outlined events that took place regarding injury to Indy Parks and Recreation staff member.

If participating in midnight game, please listen at all times to the sighted volunteers when they are encouraging precautionary actions.

New business:
Introduction and remarks were made by:
Alberto Mazzanti, President of Italian Blind Baseball league

Opening ceremonies at 7 PM in the same room, all teams where uniform shirts and hats.

Motion to adjourn
Adjournment at 3:15 PM CST

The 2013 NBBA World Series is scheduled for the week of Sunday July 28, through Sunday August 4, 2013. Games will begin on Tuesday, July 30, 2013.

The Main/Host hotel is:
Holiday Inn Columbus-North I-185
2800 Manchester Expressway
Columbus, Georgia 31904
Phone: (706) 324-0231

Reservations for rooms can now be made using the reservation code of "NBB"
Room Rates are $79.00 + 17% tax.

Click here to visit the Holiday Inn North I-185, 2013 NBBA World series Host hotel.

Alternative hotel choices are available, and can be seen on the web at:
2013 NBBA World Series alternative hotel choices

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NBBA secretary

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