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Volume 22, Issue #1
2011 World Series; Indianapolis, Indiana

The NBBA Newsletter, 2011 World Series Roundup

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Who hit the Homerun at the 2011 NBBA World Series


Austin Blackhawks honored for 25 years of consecutive appearances at the NBBA World Series

Ames Iowa: site for the 2012 NBBA World series

Ames kicks off the campaign for the 2012 World Series with a beep!

Columbus Georgia: site for the 2013 NBBA World Series

The NBBA Newsletter format change

The 2011 World Series is complete.  The NBBA would like to thank all from the Indianapolis Parks and Recreation group and Mary and John Geiss Complex for hosting the 2011 World Series. Thanks to the Wyndham Indianapolis West and surrounding hotels for providing a gracious and comfortable atmosphere for the teams of the NBBA while they participated in the tournament.
The 2011 Beep Baseball World Series Champions are the West Coast Dawgs. While everyone remembers how exciting the game ended at the 2010 World Series, little did everyone know that the Championship game at the 2011 World Series would be as exciting and such a nail biter!

Throughout the game the lead changed several times, however, when the West Coast Dawgs came up to bat in their half of the sixth inning, they were trailing the Taiwan Homerun by 4; 11 - 7.

As heard in the audio podcast of the 2011 NBBA World Series Championship game by Kevin and Wayne Sibson, the finish to the game was simply spectacular.

The final score was West Coast 12 - Taiwan Homerun 11, with the winning run being scored by Elexis Gillette.

2011 world Series final Standings and Awards

All Tournament Defense Awards:

All-Tournament Offense:

Pitcher/Catcher Award
Tim Hibner and Mike Maguire, West Coast Dawgs, (Strikeout rate of 7.80%)

Spotter Award
West Coast Dawgs, (Greg Parra and Samantha Hibner) (94 put-outs and only 31 runs allowed in 7 games)

Sportsmanship Award
Taiwan Homerun

Final rankings of Teams

Daryl Minor from the Bayou City Heat hit a Home run at the 2011 World Series.  The Home run hit by Daryl traveled 172 feet, and counted for 2 runs.  As stated by an NBBA member, "a Homerun is a perfect pitch, and the batter has a perfect swing."

Darryl was awarded the Home run ball at the NBBA Awards Banquet, which took place  at the conclusion of the

World series.


A special plaque was awarded to Wayne and Kevin Sibson, who represented the Austin Blackhawks, for attending the last 25 NBBA World series, consecutively. The Blackhawks are the only team to achieve this milestone.

The 2012 NBBA World series will be held in Ames, Iowa during the week of July 22-29 2012. Please note the World series is being held one week earlier then usual.

In preparation of the 2012 World Series in Ames Iowa, a kick off celebration was held on Tuesday, August 9, 2011. Jan Traphagan, 1st VP of the NBBA, traveled to Ames to take part in the kick-off celebration. A demo of the game of Beep Baseball was done by a newly formed team in Iowa, the Iowa Reapers, prior to an Iowa Cubs game.
The 2013 NBBA World Series site was selected during the 2011 World Series, and the winner is!!? Columbus Georgia. Columbus, Georgia is preparing to host the 2013 World Series!  Columbus, Georgia has been the site for the Midnight Express 5K race and Beep Baseball demonstration over the last several years. The host committee is anxious to show the NBBA some southern hospitality.

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