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The NBBA Hall of Fame

Welcome to the National Beep Baseball Association Hall of Fame

There is no greater thrill in sports than winning and the feeling of the cost of that achievement. The Hall of Fame commemorates the people who worked hard to achieve and to help others achieve in the sport of Beep Baseball. The collection of people represented by our Hall of Fame are some of the most Important individuals to participate in the sport of Beep Baseball.

The picture to the right is of one of the NBBA's founders John Ross on the Lap of one of baseballs most prolific players, Babe Ruth. John Ross, at age 11, conducted the last interview of Babe Ruth's life. This photo was published in the Minneapolis Morning Tribune on June 23, 1948.

Hall of Fame Criteria for Induction

All Hall of Famers must meet a set of criteria for induction to the Hall of Fame.
How to nominate a player or volunteer for the NBBA Hall of Fame?

Players, Pitchers, Catchers, and Spotters can be inducted to the Hall of Fame or for the prestigious honor of the Jim Quinn Award.
Volunteers can be also nominated for either the Jim Quinn award or NBBA Honor Roll.

Photograph of a young John Ross with Babe Ruth during the last interview of Babe's life.
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How you can help the NBBA Hall of Fame

We need your help!

All inductees nominated to the Hall of Fame have been nominated by our members and their family and friends. We would like to provide biographical details and photos for all Inductees and Jim Quinn Award winners. Please contact the NBBA Hall of Fame Chairman, Kevin Barrett, with any information about current and future Hall of Fame members.

Contact Kevin Barrett at
Phone: (440) 779-1025
NBBA Hall of Fame

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