2013 NBBA Nubson Grant

The Nubson team grant program is made possible through the generosity of the Nubson family, and the National Beep Baseball Association.
It is presented each year to selected teams of the NBBA, to assist with the financial burdens of running a beep baseball team. For information on how the number of awards is calculated, see the grant documentation link at the bottom of this page.

Starting this year, it is no longer necessary for a team to send an email to the NBBA president as part of the grant registration process. Simply paying your NBBA team membership of $25 prior to March 1 will enter any eligible team in the grant process.

2013 Nubson Grant recipients:

  1. California Rays
  2. Lonestar
  3. RHI XTreme
  4. Long Island
  5. Indy Thunder
  6. St. Louis Firing Squad
  7. Bayou City Heat
  8. Athens Timberwolves

NBBA Nubson Grant Documentation

Click here to read the NBBA Nubson grant official documentation

Previous Nubson Grant Year Recipients

Click here to read the 2012 inaugural Nubson Grant award, recipient teams.