Kevin Daniel

Head Coach/Program Coordinator
Seattle South King Sluggers Beep Baseball
Senior Director of Strategic Recruiting Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind

In seven-years Kevin Daniel has created and developed two NBBA league teams on the east side and west side of the state of Washington. Due to this success, he was asked to assist in the formulation of teams in: Anchorage, Alaska, Vancouver, Washington, and Tacoma, Washington.
His tireless effort to bring the sport of beep baseball to the northwest has inspired the blind community to get more active in sports, elevated how sighted view the blind, and ignited a groundswell of activity and interest of other blind organizations by both the blind and the general public.
Kevin’s ability to market, organize, manage, promote, recruit, lead motivate, execute action plans, and his genuine love of the sport of beep baseball make him a solid candidate to help the National Beep Baseball Association grow and better meet the needs, hopes, dreams, and aspiration of its teams and players.

“I believe that persons who are disabled should take the necessary steps to do great things in life, and then be prepared for the resulting benefits of doing so.”