Hello, my name is John Stark, and I am a candidate for the board of directors of our great league.
Personally, I've been around a ball field since really before I was born, and that passion for the game has carried over to our game, a game that truly changes lives.

My resume in the game of sighted baseball is extensive as the game was not just a pastime, but also my vocation. After finishing my playing career, i went on to coaching at the high school level, but also at a private academy. This experience has allowed me to learn to adapt my experiences and bring them to my team the BCS OUTLAWS.

In the 4 seasons of the outlaw existence, we have transformed from one of the oldest teams in the NBBA, led by Hall of Fame members Dewayne Sparks and Ernest Cook, to one of the youngest with 7 members of my roster 21 or younger. In my time with the outlaws I have learned just how much our game changes lives. I've been able to see these kids go from timid wall flowers to more confident and adjusted young adults, directly as a result of the empowerment our game gives them.
Finally, for the last 5 years, I have helped other non profit institutions manage their exposures and risk while working in the insurance industry.

Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your vote.

Yours in Beep Baseball
John Stark
Head Coach