Watch Cassie Nipp’s video.

Hi, I’m Cassie Nipp, and I’ve been nominated for a Board of Director position. I live in Tyler, Texas and have 3 amazing kids: 16 and 18 year old boys, and a 24 year old daughter.
I was introduced to beep ball 5 years ago by the Tyler Tigers, and had the privilege of being a part of their team as a spotter, catcher, pitcher and all around volunteer for these past 5 years. I learned a lot about the game and this amazing sport during that time.
I also was a volunteer this past year with the Women of our League and served in various roles, including catching and pitching and doing whatever else was needed to help the Southwest team.

I am looking forward to doing that this year as well! With over 35 years of experience playing and volunteering with fast pitch softball, it was an easy transition.
This year is my 4th World Series to attend, and I have the honor of being the Social Media Specialist and photographer for the World Series this year.
I am looking forward to being in that role, and know I have big shoes to fill – but I’m up for the challenge!

I have worked and served in many areas and positions over the years that I believe will help me in being a valuable asset to the NBBA and the Board.
These include being in full-time ministry in the church for 15 years, where I planned and organized events including major annual fundraisers, smaller scale events, created and put out weekly and monthly publications, bookkeeping, publicity, etc.
I was given many opportunities to help people of all ages through their best days and helped them survive their worst by encouraging, motivating, and not letting them give up. I also was a leader, trainer, coach and ambassador (public relations) for Weight Watchers International for 8 years. This was also a position of motivating, encouraging and educating others to achieve their goals.
I also worked as the Outreach Coordinator for the East Texas Center for Independent Living, where it was my goal to create awareness and educate the community about those with disabilities and help point them to the necessary agencies to get the help they needed.

I currently work in a ministry office at a large church in Tyler that reaches out to and serves widows, orphans, military and baby boomers, as well as working with non-profits in the community.
I am actively involved in a ministry I helped start that rescues Maasai girls in Kenya from early forced marriage and FGM, and restores their joy and hope while giving them a chance at a better life.
I also have served the past 7 years on the Board of Directors for the Tyler Junior College Apache Belles Alumni, as well as the past 5 years on the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Committee where it was my responsibility to recruit volunteers on a large scale for the event.

All of the things I have been involved in, and continue to be involved in qualify me to be a great addition to the NBBA Board of Directors. I am passionate about the things I am involved in, and I am passionate about the NBBA. When you share your passion with others, they can’t help but want to be involved. And when I believe in something I fight for it and stand up for it.
New perspectives and ideas can help in continuing to promote and grow the NBBA and reach out to others who haven’t had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing sport, which is exactly what I intend to bring to this position.
I appreciate your consideration and support.