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Hello Everyone, my name is Blake Boudreaux and I am your current 2nd Vice President and head of PR for the National Beep Baseball Association.
I feel my personal and professional experiences along with my tenure within the NBBA will allow me to lead this great organization into an incredibly bright future.

I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, cancer of the eyes at the age of 14 months which left me nearly completely blind by the age of 5. I learned from a very young age that I could not allow my disability to define me and I would have to fight for everything I wanted to attain in this world. I chose to give back at a very young age working with non-profit organizations focused on cancer and individuals with disabilities. I have served on the board of directors and in officer positions with; The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Today’s Advocacy Group, Texas Youth Leadership Forum and Texas A&M Association for Blind Students, just to name a few.

I graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communications and degree in Sociology. Following graduation, I decided once again to follow my heart and pursue a career in vocational rehabilitation working with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division for Blind Services. In my 10 year career I have served as a Rehabilitation Teacher, Counselor, Independent Living Coordinator and am currently the Employment Assistance Specialist for the southeast region of the state of Texas. I've spent a decade promoting the abilities of the blind and visually impaired in society, the workforce and of course through the sport of beep baseball.

My beep baseball journey began at the age of 9 nearly 24 years ago. All but one of those years was spent with one of the longest tenured teams within the NBBA, the Houston Bayou City Heat. I was elected to your board of directors in 2011 and was then elected as your 2nd Vice President in 2014. I have worked with almost every committee during my time on the board and have been a part of a team that has made some positive and lasting changes that have incredibly benefitted our organization. I was on the committee that created our taping policy to reduce unfair play, chaired the PR committee that created the Social Media Specialist position that began our strong exposure on Facebook and Twitter and we as a team have seen this league nearly doubled in size since my first term in office. I have the experience to know what our board has excelled in and areas that need the greatest amount of focus.

I feel that I am the most qualified candidate for the position of President and would be honored to help us build to create a sport and future that we will all be proud of.

Blake L. Boudreaux
2nd Vice President
The National Beep Baseball Association